High Point Market 2018

Wow – what a whirlwind tour we had at the High Point Market 2018!  For those of you who don’t know, High Point Market is an international furniture and home decor show featuring the top brands, manufacturers, and styles!  We got a sneak peak at all the latest looks and trends in furniture and home decor coming our way for 2019!  Each year we go to see the top new introductions and choose our selections of new products.  You are going to love what you see – here are some of our favorite 2018 trends in furniture and home decor.

  1. Mirror/Bling is IN!  Yes, mirror furniture and that hollywood glam, sparkling decor is stronger than ever!  You’ll see metallic subtle sparkles in furniture finishes (pearls, greys, blacks), jewel hardware and handles, encased crushed mirror frames, and more!  The styles in mirror furniture, we’ll be adding to our selection of crystal chandeliers and the looks are amazing and beautiful.  Our favorite piece was a mirror finished fireplace.  So elegant!!!
  2. Velvet.  We love soft fabrics and velvet is about as luxurious and smooth as you get.  You’ll see velvet on everything – from sofas to upholstered beds and headboards.  There are so many color options – from soft grey to shocking and electric blues and turquoise!  Crushed red velvet bar stools with gold legs – the looks are rich and sure to please!
  3. Natural Wood Finishes.  We’re seeing a lot more natural finishes on wood furniture showcasing their wood grains and natural features.  We love this trend, it’s a welcomed step away from the super dark finishes we saw for years.  You’ll see greys, weathered looks, white wash, lighter oaks, and natural wood colors.  Live edges are making a bigger statement (this is when you see natural, rough, unfinished edges on furniture.)  These live edges make you feel like your table came right from a craftman (or woman’s) work bench/table to your home.tempered glass
  4. Tempered Glass Art.  This is a new trend that has pretty much exploded since the last furniture market.  Tempered glass is a new style in wall decor – embossing images onto the back of a piece of tempered glass with foil.  It really lends to some amazing imagery and just seems to float on the wall.  You will see everything from landscapes and portraits to shocking pops of color with rock geodes.
  5. Power, Power, Power!  Power is everywhere!  There’s never been a better time to lounge around, especially if you have a power set.  We’ve got power reclining furniture – power headrest, footrests, and power lift recliners.  We’re seeing prices we’ve never imagined in power living rooms, luxury is affordable.  Prices have really come down in affordable adjustable bed options too.   You’ll see USB ports in everything from headboards to end tables, side tables, reclining furniture, lamps, and more!

Colors like vibrant blues, warm greys, and rosy pinks; velvets and gorgeous accent fabrics; and lots of options in beautiful wood finishes.  Gold and acrylic accents continue to be a trend we’re sure to see more of in fashion and home decor.  You’ll also see bigger, beefier living room sets – sofas that sit deep and allow you to really get cozy.

High Point Market 2018 was exciting and full of surprises.  It’s an fun time to be in furniture and home decor where looks that were long left to pricy designers or celebrity homes are affordable for everyone.

Be sure to stop in and take advantage of new mark downs – yes, we’ve got to make room for some great new styles!  Shop now and save!

Happy Shopping!

~Your Friends at UFO