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Memorial Day Sale – Shop Now!

Memorial Day Sale Looking for great discounts and deals this Memorial Day?  Shop Urban Furniture Outlet!  We've got our friendly and knowledgeable sales team ready to help you find that perfect look at a price you are going to love.  Don't settle for the gimmicks and crazy haggling you'll get at other stores.  At UFO, [...]

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Mother’s Day Furniture Sale!

Mother's Day Furniture Sale Looking for the perfect gift for mom?  She deserves the best and gifts for home are gifts from the heart.  Shop 'Mother's Day Gifts' at our Mother's Day Sale at Urban Furniture Outlet. You are sure to be mom's favorite :) or pitch in with your family and spoil mom this [...]

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2019 Home Decor Trends – Spring 2019

2019 Home Decor Trends Spring is finally here and with it, we're seeing some great fresh new styles in home decor.  Here's our list of top home decor trends we're seeing for Spring 2019. Floral Prints.  Ready or not, spring is here.  Any for home decor and furniture - the flowers are coming, floral accent [...]

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Top Secret: How to Save Money Buying Furniture

Top Secret: How to Save Money Buying Furniture! If you shop at Urban Furniture Outlet (which we love to call UFO, because it's a shorter abbreviation and it's fun!) you know we LOVE saving our customers money!  Seriously, we work hard to find great deals on furniture and mattresses and we really enjoy seeing customers [...]

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Our BEST DEALS during our UFO Tax Refund Sale 2019 Delaware

Tax Refund Sale 2019 at Urban Furniture Outlet - Delaware! It's all the buzz we're hearing around both locations - customers wondering when they'll get their tax refunds for Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey... Delaware folks - as of this week Delaware is saying you'll see refunds start coming out the week of February 25th! With [...]

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