A Loved-Filled Home: Valentine’s Day Home Decor Tips

Tis the season, a time for love.  Ok, we feel you – Valentine’s Day may be a bit of a Hallmark holiday, but at UFO, we’re all about feeling the love.  Let’s get in the spirit, get inspired, with these simple decor tips to get your home and special ones feeling the love.

The secret to setting the mood for any season or occasion is to entertain all the senses – sight, sound, feel, taste, and smell. When in doubt, keep is simple and sincere. Here are some fun ideas and tips for love with home decor. romantic home decor

  1. Color – Lots of colors can be associated with love, romance, and Valentines Day – traditionally pink and red are colors we commonly think of.  Incorporating these with simple cards, flowers, candles, etc can definitely set the mood for love.  Did you know colored roses represent different types of love and meaning?  For example, yellow roses are for loyalty and friendship. Read more rose color meaning here.
  2. Lighting/Ambiance – We said it – ambiance, that vibe you get when you walk in a room. Lighting has a lot to do with that, and if you want to set the mood for romance, think soft lighting.  Candles are fun, but if you don’t want the flames – battery tea lights can be a fun way to show your love.  Ambiant lighting is great with accent lamps, even our crystal lamps to cascade dramatic lighting in your space.
  3. Luxurious Fabrics – Velvets, faux furs, soft cozy fabrics are great not just for winter, but for cuddling up to.  At UFO, we have a fun variety of faux fur pillows, throws, and accents, as well as corduroy and velvet upholstery furniture. Bedding and home decor accents are great ways to bring texture and coziness to your room.
  4. Music – I love to make great tunes and playlists, but don’t always have the time. Scroll through Spotify, iTunes, and other playlist collections to help find the perfect tunes to capture the mood you’re going for or create your own with sentimental tunes that bring back happy memories.
  5. Food – No need for the fancy restaurants, the way to most our hearts is easy – it’s a good cookie, meal, treat! Kidding aside, a meal made specially for someone we care about is a great way to show your love. Don’t feel like cooking, grabbing a special treat that will brighten someone’s day is a sure crowd pleaser. valentines day home decor
  6. Keep it Simple & Sincere – Whether you are crafty or not, keep it simple and sentimental. How often do we give our full attention to our loved ones? Really listen?  Spend time together doing something THEY love? Tell them how we love their laugh, or how they make their baked ziti?  Simple gratitude, time together, focused attention, a helping hand, a thank you, the simplest things are often the BEST way to say you care.

That’s our list for LOVE, appreciation, romance this season.  Keep it simple, enjoy each other, and shop UFO for some fabulous decor and accents to spice things up and have some fun.

Happy Decorating!

~ Your Friends at UFO