We love this time of year!  The weather is getting cooler, kids are back in school, football season has begun, and Halloween is around the corner!  Halloween is one of the BIGGEST celebrated holidays in the US, believe it or not.  Americans love decorating with pumpkins, Jack-o’-lantern, and costumes for kids, adults, pets alike!  We at UFO love a good Halloween so we put together our top Delaware Halloween Tips for 2018 that won’t break the bank!


    • Spooky Movies – TV channels like FreeForm are featuring the 31 Nights of Halloween.  This themed movie event features Halloween movies that are family friendly, throughout the month of October.
    • Check Out Local Events – Hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses, there are lots of cool Halloween events in Delaware to get yourself into the spirit of things.  Get out and have some fun, you don’t have to wait for Halloween!
    • Have Your Own Party! – Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy Halloween.  Get together with family and friends, dress up and enjoy the holiday yourselves!  There’s no reason adults can’t enjoy Halloween fun, or make it a family friendly event.  Don’t forget your pets – there are some great costumes out there!
    • Plan Ahead for Trick or Treating – Plan a safe route, use a buddy system, comfy shoes, glow sticks or flash lights help make your evening much more safe and fun for all!  Plan a pot luck dinner with friends or neighbors and enjoy some good eats before you hit the streets for some trick or treating.  Finally, don’t forget with pets – keep candy safe out of reach to keep your pets safe too!tips for halloween 2018

Costumes & Decorations & Eats

  • Costume Hacks – Costumes can get crazy with prices, don’t we know it!?!  Be creative – swap costumes with friends from Halloweens past.  Be creative with mismatched costumes and outfits.  Even better, keep costumes after the big day accessible so kids can dress up all year round – you will get a lot of use out of them than just Halloween night!
  • Jack-o’-lanterns – Don’t rush to get your pumpkins!  With warm Fall temperatures, your Jack-o’-lanterns will be mush by the time trick or treaters arrive.  If you already bought, no worries, just wait to carve until closer to the big day.
  • Jack-o’-lanterns Made Easy for Little Ones – Have little ones and end of doing ALL the carving and work!?  Why not give yourself a break – break out the markers, glue, and craft supplies and let your little one go crazy!  Their pumpkin will be unique and they will love getting to do it themselves!  There are sticker kits you can pick up as well for pumpkins and storm doors/windows as well to get little ones into the action.
  • Keep it Simple Decorating – Unless you REALLY love going all out, keep it simple with the decorations.  Halloween is here and gone quickly, keep it simple and focus on enjoying the season’s best with fun food recipes, movies, and activities you can enjoy with family and friends.  Don’t forget to add music to create a spooky fun atmosphere for friends and trick or treaters.
  • Spooky Good Eats – There are so many fun ways you can celebrate the holiday with food and treats.  Candy can be tempting when you’re out trick or treating.  Make sure everyone gets a good start with a good Halloween dinner.  We found some fun ideas for Halloween themed meals that kids and adults are sure to love.
  • Ditch that Candy for a Great Cause – Many local groups including some schools and dental offices collect candy after  – Send Halloween Candy to Our Troops.  It’s not always easy getting kids to part with their candy but they often will for a great cause.  Also, you can donate it to your office candy pool – it can get co-workers through many a long days!  Some of us like chocolate… hint, hint.

Whatever you choose – we hope you and yours have a fun Halloween holiday and get all the best candies you are craving!

~ Your Friends at UFO