Cheap & Easy Spring Decor Ideas

Spring is right around the corner, the daffodils and flowers are blooming, birds have returned with their songs, warmer temps, and longer sunny days.  Yay!  Here are some cheap and easy tips to bring spring vibes into your home, just in time for the season.

  1. Flowers/Greenery – OK, this one was a given, we love flowers and spring time greens.  Flowers can be pricey though.  If you can’t splurge, consider trimming some greenery branches and placing in simple mason jars from around the house. You could also opt for faux flowers and greenery. Want to be fancy, add some ribbon or twine, but even left on their own, a touch of green goes a long way, trust us!
  2. Color – Lighter colors, pastels, greens, whites, earth tones are frequently associated with spring.  Consider swapping out throw blankets, accent pillows, bed linens, and decor to features lighter hues.  You don’t need to purchase new items, or if you do – consider visiting local thrift stores and resale shops.  Lots of great styles and you won’t have a spend a fortune.
  3. Spring Cleaning – Ugh, we know.  The dreaded spring-cleaning post.  Really though, part of making your home POP and be so welcoming, is a fresh clean style.  Consider decluttering and donating unused items, or just stow away winter gear for next year.  Shake out your pillows, vacuum, dust, you’d be amazed what a little TLC and clean up can do and it costs nothing other than a little time and effort.
  4. Engage Your Senses – Spring time brings lots of flavors and scents – bring those home too! Opt for in season produce and herbs, creating wonderful dishes that remind you of the season. Scented candles and oils are another great option to whisk you away to spring and warmer weather memories.
  5. Renew/Refresh Your Home – Ok, so while you’re freshening up your home, it may be time to move on from broken and used furniture that has lost it’s luster. Shopping Urban Furniture Outlet – you’ll find we have the lowest prices on top furniture and mattress styles. Sometimes just switching out a piece or two can give a completely new feel to your home and is a lot nicer than working around a broken or worn down piece.

So there are our quick tips for bringing simple spring time style into your home.

Happy decorating and hello Spring!

~Your Friends at UFO