Spring Home Decor: Tips to Freshen Up Your Look

Spring is HERE and it’s a great time to freshen up your look at home. We’ve got some of our best home decor and decorating tips to help get your home looking fabulous.

  1. Celebrate with COLOR.  Spring is a great time to bring COLOR into your home with home accents, decor, furniture, linens, and more!  Fresh colors like Robin’s Egg Blue, Lavendar, Pink, Yellow, and more are finding their way onto the fashion runway and into your home.  Easy ways to add a splash of color: candles, table linens, sheets, wall decor, vases, flowers, accent pillows are just a few great and easy ways to add color to your room.
  2. Flowers, please.  That’s right, botanicals are IN and there are lots of great options to choose from!  You can grab some fresh flowers from the yard or market or opt for artificial plants and flowers for the color without needing to water.  Real flowers and plants can add freshness and life to your space, help clean your air, and offer a nice pop of color for the season. 
  3. Let there be LIGHT.  Whether it’s cleaning your windows or throwing open the shades, let their be light!  Spring is a time for renewal and freshness and brightening up your space gives a feeling of energy and renewal.  Not a lot of window options? Grab some of our great table and floor lamps and add light to your space that way.
  4. Shake it off.  It wouldn’t be a springtime home blog without us reminding you that spring is a great time to shake out the rugs, pillows, wipe down those walls, vacuum under those cushions, and freshen and clean your home!  If you haven’t used it, never will, or just are tired of your stuff – consider donating items to local charities. Store your heavy blankets for colder weather and give your new linens and blankets a fresh clean.  A little effort and your home will be shining like a diamond.
  5. Good aromas make Scents. See what we did there – a little play on words.  When decorating, remember to engage all your senses – eyes, ears, feel, taste, and smell.  Add some spring like scents to your home with seasonal candles, essential herbal oils, or fresh flowers and plants.  Other ideas – cook some foods that are fresh this season as well, food is always perfect to celebrate every season.

That’s it – our quick tips for freshing up your home and decor for spring time.  So open those windows, let some sunshine and cool breezes in and give your home a little love.  You’ll thank us later.

~ Happy Decorating!

Your Friends at UFO :)