Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Home


When our customers come in to shop at Urban Furniture Outlet, the superstars of our showrooms are always the sofas.  Everyone wants a great living room set, or a bedroom that will be the best!  Rugs, art, lighting, they can almost get forgotten.  By adding these decorative touches to your home, you are bringing your home decor up a HUGE notch!  Seriously, black and white decor explodes with a shag zig zag black/white area rug.  Or afraid to add your favorite color red to your sofa – might be too much?  But a red rug, or a red landscape art on wall – adds just the pop of color you need and love!  If you get nothing else from this – don’t forget the walls, floors, and lights when decorating your space!!  You’ll thank me later :).

“But My Apartment Has Carpet (Even Though You Hate It)”…

We hear it all the time, beige is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  Rentals can be tough like that, you can’t paint the walls and you’re stuck with neutral walls and floors.  Don’t let it slow your style down!  Area rugs are so easy to add on top of your already existing carpeting.  By setting an area rug in front of your living room set, you add pattern, color, texture, it creates a unique space.  Same thing for your dining room area.  An elegant rug under your new dining set can really add elegance and style to an otherwise open floor plan.

What Size Rug Do I Get?

A lot of folks think you need to get the biggest rug to fill your space, but our most common size we sell is approximately a 5’x7′ rug.  I say approximately because most rugs are around that size, but you’ll see some 5’4″ x 6’11” etc, it’s an average size is what I’m saying, give or take.  Anyhow, this size is generally a good size to put in front of a sofa and loveseat set to create a living room space.  Ideally, you want to place your furniture on top of your rug, and for many, this will require a larger rug – 8’x10′ or larger.  Another option is place the rug in front of your sofa and love seat set.  Belows picture is an example. If you stop in our showroom, you can see different sizes displayed and scale which size is best for your living space.Image result for 5x7 rug with sofa loveseat urban furniture outlet

What is Pile, Fiber, What?!?

Ok, so at Urban Furniture Outlet, we try and keep the furniture jargon to a minimum, after all, shoppers just want a great value and a great look, right?  Most don’t want or need to hear a bunch of furniture talk.  Pile refers to the thickness of your rug.  It can range from low pile 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch which is considered a plush style.  You can have carvings in the rugs surface to add texture and similar to say, bed sheets, thread counts to let you know the density of the rugs fibers.  As I’m sure you’re guessing, the more thick and dense rugs are going to be higher in price, than a low pile basic synthetic rug.  You will see all types of materials used, wool, synthetic, jute, etc, it really gets down to what type of look you want, how much you want to spend, the touch, and the overall feel you want for the space.

Art for Your Floors!

I love a beautiful rug.  I really think it can tie a room together and just bring things to the next level.  Picture this.  A black leather sofa and loveseat, with a modern glass coffee table, and boom – a charcoal shag rug under that glass table!!  Why fight with that gorgeous table or that clean modern look?  The rug adds a softness and texture to this otherwise masculine look.  The right rug can really create a look in a room that you otherwise couldn’t acheive.  Like I said, next level.

We hope our shopper’s guide helps you in choosing the perfect rug!  Shopping for a rug in Delaware isn’t easy, but we’ve got a great selection that will help make your room a beautiful living space!

Happy Shopping!

~Your Friends at UFO