Spring Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Spring is HERE and we are enjoying the warmer weather.  Spring is a great time to refresh your home’s look to bring in the season.  We’ve gathered some of our top tips on freshening up your home decor to welcome in spring.

  1. Spring Cleaning.  Ok, we’ll get the one we all want to avoid out of the way first.  Deep clean for your home, vacuum under sofa/cushions, wipe down walls, clean windows, clean out drawers, shake out rugs, declutter.  If you have stuff you don’t use, don’t need, don’t want – donate or trash what is no good to anyone. A good deep clean, open up some windows, let some fresh air and light in is a great place to start.
  2. Spring Accents & Decor.  You don’t need a ton of spring theme stuff or decor to give your home a fresh look for the season.  If you have a table by your entryway or front door, or your dining table, you can add a few pieces that remind you of spring.  I fake (or real) flower or plant, ceramic figures like a bunny or butterfly, a decorative sign that says an inspirational word.  A pretty candle. A picture frame with your favorite spring moments in it. Table clothes or place mats that are light or pastel colors can help give the room a spring like feel as well.
  3. Linens, Pillows, and Bedding.  Warmer temps mean it’s about time to put away heavy blankets, sheets, and coverings.  Stow away your think, warm blankets for lighter fabrics and coverings.  Switch out accent pillows for lighter fabrics and patterns.  You’ll be surprised, just changing your bedding can change the feel of the whole room.
  4. Fresh Flowers and Plants.  Nothing says spring more than flowers and fresh greenery.  Not all of us have a green thumb or enjoy taking care of plants. If that is you, no worries!  We have a wide selection of fake or artificial plants and flowers, trees at our stores.  These are a great way to break up a room, add a splash of green, color to your space.  Fresh or fake plants, a touch of green makes all the difference in a space!
  5. Play to All Your Senses.  When you are decorating and entertaining, you want to think about all 5 senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.  We talked about colors and lighting to bring in spring.  Opening windows, adding lighting, can make a big difference.  Textures and weight of fabrics, think lighting fabrics and linens vs heavy wool coverings.  Gentle music or fountains are relaxing and can really create a mood.  Smells can be as simple as switching out season candles, plug ins, or cleaning supplies to bring a fresh floral or clean scent to your room.  Last, but not least – taste!  Enjoy fresh produce available and in season flavors.  Embrace holidays and seasonal delights and try new flavors.  Cooking inspired by holidays, other cultures, and events during each season is a great way to enjoy the variety of life and celebrate the season.

We hope you enjoy our tips for spring decor and entertaining!  Shop Urban for the latest looks in furniture and home decor and let our friendly sales associates help you find something fabulous.

Happy decorating!

~Your Friends at UFO