Buyer’s Guide: Buying Your First Mattress

If you are shopping for your first mattress, it can be exciting and maybe a little overwhelming!  After all, there are so many choices and it’s a purchase you don’t want to have to make too often.  At Urban Furniture Outlet, we want to make shopping for a mattress as easy as possible for our customers.  Here are some tips to help when shopping for your first mattress in Delaware.

Measure Your Space

When buying furniture or a mattress – measure, measure, measure!  The last thing you want is to find the perfect mattress and bring it home only to find it doesn’t fit in your bedroom or space.  Here is a chart that gives you dimension of standard mattress sizes.  Also, don’t forget to consider your box foundation size.  Mattresses are flexible and can ‘give’ or bend a little going around corners and narrow doorways.  Box foundations have no give, they are firm.  If you have space constrictions, ask your sales associate about a split box foundation or high rise platform base which could be safer options that will fit in your space.mattress size chart

What Type of Sleeper Are You?

Knowing what type of sleeper you are can help you figure out what your best mattress style will be.  Here are some general tips we find to be true – but don’t let these recommendations stop you from testing ALL types, you need to find what feels best to YOU.

  • Couples: Pocketed Coils, Foam Encasements, Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Side Sleepers: Pillow Top Mattresses, Plush mattresses
  • Back/Stomach Sleepers: Firm Mattress, Foam Mattress
  • Back Issues: Firm Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, Pocketed Coil Mattress

Couples will find pocketed coil mattresses are ideal for one major reason, coils individually adjust to each person’s body weight.  Also, most of our pocketed coil mattresses are also foam encased, which means outer edges are surrounded by a foam barrier.  This supports the mattress coils and also gives you edge support to keep sides from buckling if you are on the edge.  For couples, those extra inches of mattress space are worth miles!  Memory foam will work in a similar way to pocketed coils – giving individualized support to your body’s weight and full edge support.

Side Sleepers will find plush or pillow top mattresses are more comfortable.  This is due to softer sets giving more to your body’s curves (i.e. hips, shoulders.)  This relieves pressure on pressure points and makes for a better night’s sleep.

Back or stomach sleepers will find a more firm mattress, or foam mattress most comforting, giving more continuous firmness and support.

Have back issues?  Many of us do.  For years, firm mattresses were the major recommended way to go.  But don’t be fooled!  You don’t need to choose a firm mattress if you don’t like that style.  Memory foam mattresses are great options that adjust to your body’s weight without putting pressure on pressure points.  Pocketed coils are ideal because they adjust to your body’s curves and weight and give you support in all the places you need it.


Comfort Test

We see it all the time.  Customers carefully sitting on the edge of a mattress or not even sitting on the mattress at all!  When you are mattress shopping – don’t skip the comfort test!  You want to LAY on the mattress, the way YOU normally sleep.  That is why we put mattress footers on our mattresses, we want you to lay on it and test it out.  Reason being, your body weight distributes differently when you lay on your mattress.  Sharing your mattress?  Have your partner lay next to you while you test it.  This will allow you to feel how it performs when one of you rolls over, etc.  Give yourself a few minutes with each mattress.  Better yet, let our sales associates show you a few different types – pocketed coils, firm, pillow top, memory foam and see which styles feel the best.  Narrowing down what type you like will help you make a good choice.


Last, but certainly not least – know your budget.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money, to get a great quality mattress.  Don’t be fooled by big name brands and fancy logos.  At Urban Furniture Outlet, we do our best to find you the best values in mattresses and at affordable prices.  If you are on a budget, you will find we have a lot of mattress options that can work.  Prices generally vary depending on the thickness of the mattress, materials (i.e. memory foam, coil count, etc) and length of warranty.  You want to find a mattress that will best suit your needs and expectations.  We sell good/better/best mattress styles so decide how long you want your mattress to last, how much you will use it, and what is the best fit for YOU.

In summary, mattress shopping doesn’t need to be difficult!  Simply know your sleep style, size of your bed, budget, and needs and we’ll help you find the best mattress for you.  Stop in today and enjoy a great night’s sleep tonight!

Happy Shopping (and sleeping ;))

~Your Friends at UFO