How to Measure a Room for Furniture

There is an expression in furniture, measure twice, buy once.   Before you buy new furniture, it’s important to measure your living space, and know how your furniture will fit.  Here are some quick tips on how to measure you room before your buy furniture.

  1. Doorways – This is the dealbreaker for so many living room sets, sectionals, sofas fitting into a home or not.  It’s important to measure your doorway at the narrowest point across/width wise.  If there is a screen door, or storm door frame, you want to measure from there not the outside frame.  The narrowest space is what you need to think about your furniture fitting through.  Be sure to measure doorway height as well.  Some larger sets, you may need to bring in vertically to maneuver it in doorway and a low door frame or ceiling can make or break.
  2. Narrow Hallways – Once you determine if your doorway will allow your furniture into your space, you want to factor in any narrow hallways or turns the delivery team will need to make entering your space.  Narrow hallways can make it difficult for longer sofas or sectionals to fit into a space.
  3. Room Flow – Think about how people move in and out of your living space.  If you have only one entry spot, you want to make sure you are not blocking doorways or pathways with your furniture.  Some sectionals with chaise are only available with chaise on one side, so you want to be sure that arrangement will work in your room.  For example, if you have a left side facing sectional, meaning chaise comes out on left side when you stand in front of it – you want to be sure that will fit into your room.  We also have some sectionals available with the chaise on either side or reversible chaise options.measure a room
  4. Small Space Options – If you have measured and determine you don’t have a lot of space, or you have narrow doorways, you still have options!  We have a variety of furniture that can be purchased per pieces versus a complete set, so you could do a loveseat instead of sofa, and accent chairs.  Or purchase a bed, and just the dresser/mirror, no chest.  Reclining furniture the backs are removeable – so they are typical easier to get in narrow doorways and spaces.  We have other furniture options that come in pieces, which is easier to fit in smaller spaces as well.
  5. Measure and Sketch Your Room – Finally, it’s a good idea to do a rough sketch of your room and space.  Include doorways, windows, walkways, fireplace, etc.  Next grab your measuring tape.  There are worksheets you can find online that can help you sketch this out.  This will be helpful in determining how much furniture you can fit in your room and how you will arrange your furniture.

Thanks for tuning in for our LIVE video last week on measuring your space.  We hope our tips were helpful to measure your space and find the perfect furniture for your home.

Happy Shopping!

~ Your Friends at UFO