Creating a Cozy Vibe at Home this Fall

The air is getting crisp, leaves are changing, and fall is in the year.  We love this time of year, cool temperatures, football season, great weather to get together outdoors.  When it comes to home, decor can be tricky, fall can seem like the forgotten season.  We’ve got some great and simple tips for creating a cozy vibe for fall at home.

  1. The Nose Knows. Decor goes beyond what your eyes can see, hands feel, entertain all your senses!  Think scented candles, natural oils, flowers, etc.  Boil some fall spices and give the whole house a great inviting smell.  Click HERE for some recipes & fall decor ideas on our UFO Pinterest page. Fall scents bring fall indoors – pumpkin spice, mocha latte, spiced apples, think warm inviting scents.
  2. Chunky Blankets & Throws.  Fall is known for cooling temps and crazy weather!  One minute you’re hot, next cold, throw blankets are great for adding texture to your home decor or living room space, and also super functional!  Faux fur mixed with woven coverings can add a unique feel as well.  Compliment other colors in your room, or choose a variety of fall inspired hues.
  3. Bring Nature Indoors.  Whether you gather fall dried leaves, acorns, pine cones from outside, or you purchase faux fall decor – grasses, leaves, branches, have so many great colors and really bring the feel of the fall season.  In the mid-Atlantic Delaware area, we are so lucky to have four seasons.  Take advantage and bring some of your favorite fall elements indoors for mantles, table center pieces, and accents.
  4. Word Inspiration.  Word plaques, funny expressions, mottos, mantras, word signs are great for inspiring the season.  Fall, Love, Family, Autumn, Football, etc, bring in a word to set the theme or tone for your fall home decor and build your look around it.
  5. Special Moments & Photos.  Finally, a simple way to change up your home decor – switch out your framed photos for fall inspired moments.  Holiday events, sport games, your favorite costume party – have fun and bring some great memories into your decor for the fall season.

Bringing the season into your home doesn’t have to be expensive or a lot of work!  At UFO, we try and keep things simple, including these great tips for home decor!  Have fun with it, make your home cozy, unique, and YOU inspired.  Happy decorating, and happy fall!

~ Your Friends at UFO