Pantone Top Colors for Fashion & Home –

Autumn/Winter 2021

The weather is getting crisp and a little cooler, Labor Day weekend for many of us in the start of Fall.  At UFO, we’re always looking for the latest trends and styles to make your home fabulous.  We’ve got Pantone’s Top Colors 2021 from the runways to home decor for Autumn/Winter 2021.

  1. Ultimate Grey – Quietly assuring and reliable, grey tones are soothing and compliment any home decor.  Grey brings an air of calm and is a nice break from the classic black/brown neutrals we have seen in years past.  Whether fashion, paint, or your next sofa, ultimate grey will be a go to color this season.
  2. Adobe – Adobe is warm and supportive like sundried clay.  This color hints of a rust/orange tone and is a fresh entry in leather hues, as well as fabrics.  Warm up that earthy color palette with this warm hue.
  3. Fuchsia Fedora – a bold and flirtatious pink that will pop in any outfit or home.  Bedding, wall decor, flowers, or fashion, this hot pink hue is sure to scream fun and style this season.
  4. Olive Branch – a tasteful green and symbolic of growth and renewal.  Olive is a nice update from the sage greens we’ve seen in years past, the perfect complimentary tone this fall season.
  5. Fire Whirl – a vigorous red with dynamic presence, this fire whirl hue is the perfect shade of red.  Whether a dress or new sectional, this warm and lively red will bring your look to life.

Runners Up: The deep blues, like Mykonos Blue, and warm neutrals continue to have a strong presence in this seasons color palette.  At UFO, whether furniture, wall decor, rugs, or accents – we have lots of great, fun, and stylish ways for you to bring color to your home this season.

Happy shopping and decorating!

~Your Friends at UFO :)