Spring Home Decor Ideas

Spring is here, and it’s a joy to feel the sun shining and weather warming up a bit as we ease out of winter.  At UFO, we love this time to dust out the cobwebs and dust, put away the winter gear, and lighten up our homes.  Enjoy some top tips on getting your home fresh and ready for springtime.

  1. Spring Cleaning – We all love a clean home, but it takes a little effort to get it there. We choose to do a little each day to make it well, less painful and overwhelming!  Start by doing walk through and deciding what needs to happen.  Donate clothes that have been outgrown, or put away winter gear for the season.  Donate or toss items that are broken, missing pieces, or you haven’t used in years.  A good purge is a good start for cleaning.  Next, room by room, freshen up by dusting, cleaning windows, ceiling fans and vents, refolding clothes in drawers.  Deep clean of common areas like bathrooms and kitchen a little extra than usual is good too.  It is not the most fun, but we promise the pay off is great and you’ll love opening up those windows and having a fresh clean home.
  2. Flowers & Plants – Adding some fresh or faux flowers/plants to your home decor adds color and dimension to your spaces.  Some folks like to decorate by holiday, some just bring in soft, seasonal touches.  Choose your favorite flowers or colors that bring in some freshness of spring and work with your home decor.spring decor
  3. Spring Decor – Less is more when it comes to us – it’s easy to go overboard and then what do you do with it when it’s summer, fall, winter???  Most of us don’t have oodles of storage, so keep it simple.  Door wreath or decor, simple accents, candles, switch out photos with spring inspired looks.  Table coverings, table clothes, and  hand towels can be an easy way to bring spring into your kitchen too.
  4. Bedding – If you are able to – switch out your bedding from winter to lighter weight quilts or duvet covers that bring in lighter colors, fabrics, and vibes.  Brighten things up with some fresh linens and pillows is a great way to welcome spring.
  5. Furniture & Decor – While taking stock of your home, look to refresh or replace furniture, sofa, bedroom furniture, mattresses, pillows, and and items that have just seen better days.  You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, but replacing items that are in worst shape is a good place to start.  Mix and match old and new pieces to give your home a fresh look.  Find some great deals during our Spring Furniture Sale.
  6. Color – Don’t forget color!!!  Each season has it’s colors, for example, fall we tend to think earthy tones like browns, beige, orange, reds.  Spring could mean pastels, greens, white, lighter tones than what we associate with  winter.  Color is easy to add with accents, table coverings, throw blankets, pillows, candles, and and home accent decor.

We hope you enjoy our tips for welcoming spring into your home!

~ Your Friends at UFO :)