We know how important it is to find your child a bunk bed unit that is safe, reliable, and affordable.  This shopper’s guide, will hopefully simply the process of choosing which style is the right one for your child.Stairway Bunk Bed

Metal or Wood?

Choosing between metal or wood bunk beds sometimes can be as simple as a matter of preference.  Some people simply like the look of wood, while others like the colors available in metal – white, blue, red, black – you name it!  Some of the wood finishes include pine, cherry, espresso, white, or black.  Wood bunk beds are typically a little more expensive than metal, but that depends on the style and vendor you choose.  Another difference is wood bunk beds are usually detachable units – meaning the beds can be separated to sit ‘side by side.’  This can come in handy if down the road you decide you no longer want bunk beds – than you are left with two single bed units.  Wood bunk beds tend to be more durable than metal, but that again depends on the style you choose.

Stairway Bunk beds

Stairway bunk beds are a great new addition to the scene of bunk beds.  A lot of parents have concerns about the safety of children on bunk beds and their ability to climb up a ladder to the upper bunk.  The stairway bunk beds have a step system built into the unit rather than a ladder.  Many of the stairway bunk beds have drawers built into the steps for storage.  Some stairway bunk beds also have storage units that can go under the bottom bunk for additional drawer space.  The main drawback of the stairway bunk beds units is that the stairway adds to the length of the unit and you are somewhat constrained on how you can arrange it in a room.  Stairway bunk beds are typically more expensive than traditional bunk bed units since they include steps vs. a ladder and usually have drawers for storage.

Bunkie or Traditional Mattress

When choosing mattresses for your child’s bunk bed, you can choose a traditional mattress or a Bunkie mat.  A Bunkie is a combination of a mattress and box.  If your bunk bed has wood slats or metal slats built into it, you only need a mattress.  However, if the unit does not come with slats – you have two options.  You can choose a Bunkie mattress or you can choose a traditional mattress along with a Bunkie board – which will lie underneath the mattress and act as a box would – securing the mattress.  There may not be much difference price wise between a Bunkie and traditional mattress, however if you need to purchase a Bunkie board with your mattress, this will increase your cost.

Other Things to Consider

There are a few other options that you have with bunk beds that I will touch on briefly.  Most bunk beds are twin over twin beds.  However, you can also purchase twin-full or even full-full bunk beds.  Some bunk beds have a twin bed on top and a futon bed on the bottom.  You can also purchase bunk bed loft units where the top bed is build into a loft unit while the bottom bed is detached so you can arrange it in an ‘L-shape’ formation or place bed in another part of the room utilizing under the loft for a chest or desk area.  Some bunk bed units can sleep three – traditional top-bottom bunks and a trundle bed unit below the bottom bed.

Your best bet is to visit our showroom and look at all the different styles to find what best suits your style and needs.   Be sure to visit us on line to browse our many styles and options!  We’re proud to be your source for bunk beds in Delaware!