UFO Staff Awards

Time is flying, hard to believe it will be May 2022 this weekend! At Urban Furniture Outlet, we pride ourselves on having some of the most awesome people in the business. In every part of our company, we have amazing folks who are funny, smart, work hard, helpful, humble, committed to our customers and each other. They are awesome.
At Urban Furniture Outlet, we value our customers – after all, you are what help us do what we do and keep our lights on, so thank you! Customer service is important to us, treat customers like you would want your family or friends treated. Aside from offering great service, we value hard work, being humble, team player, working together. Our awards are dedicated to these values and qualities we want in our company. We see these qualities in our teams, and each quarter, we recognize those who are reflecting all our best things.
We do quarterly staff awards to recognize our shining stars, and it’s always tough to choose, since each team has so many shining examples of goodness. This last round was voted on by our entire company, which made it extra special, peers voting for each other. It’s great to see so many folks nominated and voted for each other. We see you, your efforts, and your team very much values and appreciate you. Thank you!!

UFO Superstar Award – Ryan

Ryan has been a sales associate with our New Castle location for almost 1.5 years. Ryan is a great sales person, dedicated, attentive, knowledgeable, and customer focused. Ryan, your team also thinks you’re funny, smart, helpful, reliable, and your customers love you. Thanks for all you do!

UFO Spirit Award – Tasha

Tasha has been sales associate with our New Castle location for 6 years! Tasha is a successful sales person, positive, friendly, everyone who walks in the building feels like an old friend. She is always willing to lend a smile or a hand, and will do anything for her customers and her team. She works hard, is dedicated and just a fun person to be around. Tasha, your team very much appreciates all you are and do as do the rest of us.
Congratulations to our winners and to all of our nominees. Work is work, but it is a pleasure and joy when you work with good people like these. If you see our winners or another part of a UFO team, give them a high five and thanks for all you do!

~ Your Friends at UFO