We hear it all the time.  Customer’s come in and are shocked by the prices they see in our store.  At Urban Furniture Outlet, Inc. we offer everyday low prices on today’s top styles in furniture and mattresses.  No gimmicks, no ‘this weekend only’ ‘special pricing’ that is really raised and then discounted – you get our best prices – up front.  It’s tough for us to hear our customers tell us how much they have over payed in the past for the SAME PRODUCTS.

5 Reasons Don’t Rent Your Sofa

  1.  You are overpaying.  Yes, you read that right.  You may be paying $25/mo for your new furniture, but if you do the math, your retail price is about 5 times what you’d pay if you bought from us flat out.  You are paying quite a premium for the ability to rent.
  2. It’s not new.  Do you really want to have someone else’s used sofa in your house?  While rental centers treat and repair used goods, buying a new factory direct item allows you the peace of mind you are not bringing anything you didn’t plan on into your home.  Not to mention, you just don’t need to settle for used when the price of new is so affordable.
  3. You can afford it.  These days there are so many fast and easy financing options, as well as layaway options at Urban Furniture Outlet, you can afford to get the furniture and mattresses you want.  We have no credit financing as well as traditional financing that offer 90 same as cash options.  See what you qualify for by clicking HERE.
    Looking for Affordable Furniture? 5 Reasons You Don't Rent Your Sofa!

    Looking for Affordable Furniture? 5 Reasons You Don’t Rent Your Sofa!

  4. Price games.  You may be tempted by the low monthly prices, but wait – there’s a buy today price, a buy in a month, and if I return in – what??? Start adding up the numbers and it get’s really confusing.  There’s an expression – if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.  Tread carefully and do your homework.
  5. They Won’t Stop Calling.  Our quick and easy financing options allow you to set up automatic payments.  You get professional support from our finance providers via their 800#.    Would you rather have that or get harassing phone calls all the time?

The most important reason to shop Urban Furniture Outlet vs. renting your furniture – you can afford our furniture, and you deserve new and great quality furniture and mattresses – not used.  Stop in today and shop our amazing selection of living rooms, dinettes, bedrooms, mattresses, and more!

We promise you won’t be disappointed!

-The UFO Team