Ways to Thank a Veteran – Veteran’s Day 2017

This Veteran’s Day take lets take time to celebrate and honor our veterans.  We thank you for your service and the sacrifices you and your loved ones have made to protect us and this great country. Here are ways you can thank a veteran.Veteran's Day Furniture Sale

  1. Attend a Veteran’s Day event. Look for local parades and gathers that celebrate our veterans.
  2. Hang your flag. Display your pride in America and honor the sacrifices our veterans have made to protect our great country.
  3. Hug a veteran or shake their hand. Sometimes just a simple ‘Thank You’ and gesture of gratitude could make someone’s day.  Take time to thank a vet.
  4. Write a letter/postcard. Don’t know a veteran in service?  Look up your local military installation and send the letters there.
  5. Spend time with a veteran. If you know a veteran, take time to spend quality time together ask them about their service or just enjoy the day.
  6. Donate. There are many veterans who struggle once they return from service.  Help take care of our veterans and support local food/clothing drives and fundraisers.

Whatever you do, be sure to take a moment and reflect on all our veterans and service families do for us.

Thank You & Happy Veterans’ Day.

-The UFO Team

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