Pumpkin Spice season is HERE!  I just saw it at our local Wawa and am embracing the Pumpkin Spice.  Some people love it, some hate it, but it’s a balmy August day, and Pumpkin Spice is here!

So while I’m sipping my Pumpkin Spice coffee, it has me thinking – how to help shoppers incorporate those beautiful, warm, fall colors into their decor.  At Urban Furniture Outlet (i.e. UFO we call it for short ;)), we are all about giving our customers a great value.  I could sell you a pumpkin sofa, but I’m pretty sure you would hate it come winter, spring, summer.  So how DO you incorporate Fall colors?

There are lots of ways to incorporate fall colors into your home, and they vary depending on how bold or committed you want to be.  Here’s our recommendations…

Rule of 3.

When using accent colors in your home, you want to use that accent color at least 3 times in your room.  I don’t know why, it’s a decor-thing – but it is a great guideline for a lot of decorating elements.  Placing a color 3 times in a room sets a theme.  Likewise, 3  or 5 objects on a coffee table, or 3 elements on a nightstand – odd numbers for some reason work – but we digress.  The point is, using a dominant accent color 3 times or more, just works.

Choosing a sub-accent color.

So I mentioned a dominant accent color – let’s just say for our season focus – it’s Pumpkin Spice/Orange.  Ok, so my main accent color is pumpkin – often the best sub accent color to choose is a contrasting color – i.e. one on the opposite side of the color wheel.  So if we’re doing an red-orange, we may do a bluish green as it’s contrasting co-partner.  It’s complicated, but I’d say easiest bet – look at a color wheel and choose one opposite.  You can also choose to go mono-chromatic which means to choose different shades of the same colors – say brown or orange for our season purposes.  There a lot of ways you can go.pumpkin spice

Don’t Forget Texture.

Color is a major element in creating a space and feeling in a room, but equally is texture.  Choosing different fabrics and materials can really add a new dimension to your living space.  Think smooth linens, mixed with chunkly wool knit throw blankets.  Or a velvet velour sofa with a faux fur throw and mirror finish furniture?  Rustic wood decor with a barn yard red wall and tweed sofa – textures can really add dimension and character to your space!

Use ALL Your Senses.

At Urban Furniture Outlet, we can help you with a few of your senses, seeing and feeling.  But to REALLY create a space, you need to engage as many senses as you can.  If you are trying to set off a fall decor – why not embrace to fall scents of the season?  You can use candles, oils, or potpourri or good old home cooking to give a feeling of fall.  You can even use music.  Don’t be afraid to embrace all your guests senses when creativing a space – the more senses the better!  Lighting plays a HUGE role as well!  Accent lighting, lamps, pendant, floor lamps, chandeliers, you name it!  We’ve seen the options for lamps and lighting explode and you can find a style to set off any space.

Whatever you do – have fun with color and style in your home!  I keep a box of candles, accents, and vases for different seasons. Tabletop decor, throws/blankets, candles are easy to pick up and put away in off season.  Shopping UFO – we’ll help you find all your fall decor needs for less!

Happy Shopping!

~ Your friends at UFO