Urban Furniture Awarded Delaware ‘Family Owned Business Award 2021’

On November 3rd, 2021, Urban Furniture Outlet was recognized and awarded by Delaware Business Times as winner for ‘Large Company’ category in the Family Owned Business Awards 2021.  It is an honor to be recognized among remarkable Delaware businesses and by our peers and community during what has a challenging year.    We are proud to be a 2nd generation family business that was started by the late Richard Urban.

Richard Urban was a polish immigrant and left his job as a steel mill worker, to start what was ‘Contract Liquidators’ and make a better life for his family.  That vision, that entrepreneurial spirit passed to his son Nicholas who grew up in the business and took over the family business when his father passed in 2008.  Richard’s work ethic, commitment to family, customer service, and value lives on and we hope he would be proud of how the business has grown and still remained true to his vision.  Our name was changed to Urban Furniture Outlet to honor the family name and as a legacy to the business Richard had begun in 1990.

This award recognizes the efforts and contributions of so many, both in our family and our extended UFO family.  Awards and moments like this are fun and appreciated – but it’s the daily efforts of so many that get us here.  That strength in working together, supporting one another, adapting when things are challenging, and knowing that tough times do pass.  It’s these moments that define us, our faith, our resilience, and we are confident and look forward to the opportunities the future holds for us and Urban Furniture Outlet.

We want to thank the Delaware Business Times, our fellow Delaware family businesses, our staff, our customers, and of course our family who have made this all possible.  As we said when we received our award – every family business deserves an award, especially after the past year or two.  There is no pause button when you are a family business, no ‘B team.’ When life happens, whether it’s COVID, an accident, a death, cancer, loss, you have to keep moving.  You have family, employees, customers counting on you to show up and stay committed.  You do this by pulling together in good times and in bad, and Urban like so many businesses, has lived this reality many times over.  Every small business has a story like ours, and should take pride in each other, their efforts, and their spirit persisting when times are tough.  We salute you and look forward to better days for all of us.

Thank you!