Top Trends in Home Decor for 2022

It’s the new year, and we LOVE seeing what our top designers in home decor and fashion are forecasting for 2022.  Fresh colors, styles, and ideas for making everything at home FABULOUS.  Here’s a list of our favorite trends happening in 2022.

  1. We’re seeing GREEN.  That’s right, emeralds, house plants, sage, we’re seeing every hue of GREEN this year.  Green means life and abundance, and we LOVE this color making a strong presence in home decor and design.  You’ll see fresh colors for green paint colors, fashion, accent pillows and decor.  We’ll also see a lot more house plants and greenery coming indoors.  House plants are great for cleaning up the air in your space, as well as adding freshness, texture, and life to your room.  If you don’t have a green thumb just yet, we have a wide selection of artificial plants at Urban Furniture Outlet, no maintenance or watering required.
  2. The RETURN of the DINING ROOM.  Maybe it’s all the home time and nestling we’ve been doing, but designers are seeing a return to a dedicated dining room space.  Life has been stressful lately, and we are excited to see this trend of folks wanting to get together for meals and share family time or quality time with family and friends.  At Urban, we have a wide selection of dining tables, counter height or dining height, modern, traditional, and all in between.  We have sets with leaves to extend tables for more seating, benches, you name it!
  3. Warm NEUTRALS, less ALL GREY DECOR.  We love a good grey, it has been a favorite in home decor for several years now and isn’t going anywhere soon.  Still, it’s great to see a re-emergence of warm neutrals – beige, peach, blush, oyster, chocolates, warm brown colors and flesh tones marrying together.  You’ll see a lot of these laying of warm neutrals together and it’s a fresh return of those earthy tones.  Good news, greys still work with all these neutrals, just warming it up a bit from the monotone decor styles that had been trending for a minute.
  4. COZY Living Rooms.  No surprise here.  Folks are at home more and some of the minimalist and midcentury modern cool looks that were in are being replaced by some more cozy and cushioned living room styles.  People want to lounge being home more and cozy sectionals, sofas, and reclining furniture is a GREAT place to start.  Want to cozy up your current look?  Think throw blankets, textured accent pillows, and pillows, and yes, more pillows.  Warm memories via photos and frames of your favorite memories and moments, and soft lines in decor, lighting that softens to glow of your room, candles, all lend to creating the perfect COZY feel in your space.
  5. BEDROOMS as a RETREAT.  Love, love, love this trend.  Romance, coziness, comfort, minimalist, whatever your style – folks are setting the stage at home for the restful retreat of their dreams.  We’re seeing an uptick in things like adjustable beds and more refined, dramatic bedroom furniture.  Investing in a good mattress, soft sheets, layering textures and colors, creating the ultimate retreat.   The bedroom is where you start and end your day, make it somewhere you can escape and relax in style.
  6. VINTAGE meets MODERN.  Another great trend.  Mixing vintage items and styles with current contemporary looks.  Bringing in grandma’s vase with your stylish dining table and crisp clean votive candles, mixing these fantastic looks all together.  Your home should be a mixture of your personality, style, and function.  There’s no reason that things need to look like what you see in a catalog. Fill your rooms with things that bring you JOY and that you LOVE, that elicit warm memories and sentiment.

Other trends – Very Peri – the color of the year for Pantone 2022.  We could see this in fashion, not as sure about furniture, but who knows?!  It’s a happy color, that is for sure and we’re welcoming any of these happy hues, every little bit helps!

Whatever your style or tolerance for TRENDINESS, have FUN with your look.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something new.  We’re here to help you make the home of your dreams a reality and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

~ Your Friends at UFO