Sleep Matters: The Impact of Sleep on Your Health

Sleep can effect everything from your mood, your ability to focus, to your physical health!  At UFO, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great night’s sleep – you deserve the best!  Here are some common comments/questions we get when folks are shopping the best mattress, bedding, and pillow styles for your needs.

When Should I Replace My Mattress?

This is a tricky question.  Quick answer, if you are waking frequently during the night, waking up achy and sore, feeling unrested, or just don’t have enough room in your bed – you should be considering a new mattress.  Average life of a mattress can be anywhere from 5-8 years – but it depends on use, care, and quality of mattress.

What Type of Mattress Should I Get?

Every customer is different.  Our recommendation is that you visit one of our showrooms to determine your sleep style and the best type of mattress for you.  Individually pocketed coils are a great feature that adjusts to your body’s weight, memory foam also has many levels of firmness/softness for ideal support.  We have everything from firm to pillow top styles to suit our customer’s comfort needs.  Let one of our trained sales associates help you comfort test our mattress styles today!sleep matters

Give Me Your Cheapest Mattress!

We get it – you want a great value and mattresses all look the same, right?  Wrong, mattresses vary a lot in terms of style and comfort.  At UFO, we are committed to giving our customers the best value for their dollar.  You do not need to spend a lot to get a great value.  When determining your budget – be sure to consider who is using mattress, frequency of use, reasons you are replacing your current mattress, and how long you want to use your mattress.  You want be sure the mattress you choose will be good for back, sleep style, and any other needs you may have.  We will be glad to teach you more about what features to consider and how to find the best value for your needs.

Do I Really Need New Pillows or a Mattress Protector?

Quick answer – YES!  All of us have suffered neck pain after a bad night’s sleep.  It’s awful.  Your mattress is a very important purchase, but don’t forget the pillow will support your neck and goes hand in hand with providing for a good night’s rest.  We have pillow protectors to allow you to test different styles in our showroom.  We have memory foam, soft, firm, even styles with aromatic features: lavender, CBD infused, charcoal, peppermint, you name it!  As for mattress protectors – they extend the life of your mattress warranty preventing any stains or soil that would otherwise void typical warranties.  They also keep dust mites and common allergens out of your mattress and are easy to clean.  All these things matter when getting a great night’s rest.

I Can’t Afford, Don’t Need an Adjustable Bed

Times have really changed in terms of adjustable beds on the bedding and mattress scene.  For years, it was thought adjustable beds were a real luxury item that only found usefulness with older customers.  Today, the adjustable bed market has exploded in popularity.  For one, prices have really come down to make this an affordable option for many customers.  Our lifestyles have changed as well.  Many customers have TV’s in their bedrooms they like to watch at night, or read on a phone, tablet, or work on their computers.  Adjustable beds allow for optimal comfort when you are reading or watching TV in bed.  Sleep apnea, breathing issues?  Adjustable bed frames can allow for elevated sleep for better breathing and open airways.  Leg or back pain?  Adjustable beds can allow you to slightly elevate your feet to take pressure of legs or back areas. We have a variety of affordable options in our showrooms.

Does it Matter What Mattress I Get?

Your mattress absolutely matters!  A bad night’s sleep can cause all kinds of health issues that most people don’t even relate to your mattress.  Some common side effects of poor quality sleep include: back/neck pain, restless leg syndrome, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, breathing issues, attention issues, and more.  We spend an average 7-9 hours sleeping each night – over a lifetime that adds up!  You don’t want to skimp on something that greatly effects your health, mood, and well being.  Invest in yourself.

We hope this info helps – stop into one of our showrooms today and shop our bedding styles including: mattresses, pillows, bedding, as well as unique bed frames and adjustable bed frames.

Happy shopping & sleeping!

~ Your Friends at UFO