Make Family Movie Night Fun!

It’s fall and that crisp air is making us want to cozy up at home for some movie time!  With less options to get out and about these days, we thought it would be fun to plan the perfect family movie night.  Here are some fun and easy tips for creating a cozy and fun movie night experience for you, friends, family.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and go virtual with online hang out options to share the movie fun.  Just don’t forget the snacks! 🙂

Choose a movie everyone will love.

Probably the HARDEST part of movie night – choosing a movie everyone will LOVE.  The most important thing about movie night is the movie of course, but also being with family and friends.  Make picking the movie more fun than scrolling through a 1,000,000 on demand movies you’ve seen or are awful.  Have everyone write down a classic movie they love and put in a hat to pick randomly.  Or choose a genre – comedy, scary movies, etc. and change themes each movie night.  We found some great suggestions on this list of best family movies.

Eliminate distractions – read: no phones, computers, tablets.

Oh man, you won’t be the crowd favorite with this one!  Again, being together and spending some quality time is so important – it’s the moments we create, right?  Everyone put down the phones, the tablets, computer, etc. and cuddle up for some quality movie time together.  It’s much more fun when everyone is present and together :).

Movie Night Snack Board | Simply Made Recipes

Snack it UP!

Ok, this is where things get REAL.  Snacks.  Don’t skimp.  You don’t have to put a lot of $$$ or effort into ornate snacks.  Get the sodas, juice, beverages.  Popcorn pre-popped or microwave bag works – better yet, everyone gets there own bag, or decorate paper lunch bags with everyone’s names –  and it’s a P-A-R-T-Y.  Nachos with some cheese melted on top, or queso dip, instant amazingness.  Dollar stores and such have boxed candy just like at the movie theater.  Get an assortment and let everyone choose their favorites.

Get cozy.

So important and so much cooler than a movie theater – you can get totally cozied up in your sweats, pajamas, favorite slippers, blankets, etc.  Sit on your favorite sofa or sectional and get ready for the show! Make a pillow fort, kick back in the recliner, have a fire in the fireplace, or a blanket on the family room floor.  Give everyone time to get cozied up before the movie starts!


Movie night is about the memories that we make, being together, sharing a laugh or a cry or a scare, relaxing, being entertained, recharging, and getting some much needed rest.  Take a break and set some time aside with friends, family, or by yourself (we all have that favorite movie everyone else hates!) and ENJOY.  You deserve it.

~ Your Friends at UFO