Put a Room Together Like a Pro

Put a Room Together Like a Pro!
This week we are focusing on tips on how to Put a Room Together Like a Pro! We’re fortunate to have some talented folks in our showrooms who really know how to put rooms together and make them shine! We caught up with them this week to get some quick tips on how to pull your room together perfectly.
1. Contrast Colors – It’s tempting to want to match everything when you’re decorating, grey with grey, browns with browns. If you have a dark sofa, try going a lighter tone for your tables, a light sofa, try darker tables. By contrasting tones, you add dimension to your space, and allow furniture pieces to stand out on their own.
2. Bring in Color with Rugs/Lamps/Décor – When you are decorating a room, or your home, or even out outfit – you want to pull the pieces and elements together where you can. A fun way to do this is to pull colors from accent pillows in with matching tones in an area rug, or wall décor. Gold/brass table legs pulling out gold tone fabrics in an accent pillow. Blue green lamps matching the blue green on a wall clock. Going monotone with most of the room and then adding a thread of color in different pieces. Creates a really dramatic and polished effect.
3. Area rugs – Area rugs are a great and simple way to pull a room together. Many of our customers have apartments or flooring that they don’t love. Placing a 5×8 or 5×7 area rug in front of a sofa and loveseat set or sectional – it creates a room. This is so key in shared spaces where dining and living rooms maybe connected. Area rugs allow you to bring color and texture into the space, but also define space where flooring may be shared. This also allows you to break up color schemes to work in your space – think grey laminate floors, and an earth tone living room décor. By throwing a rug in place, you can break up that grey, and keep your earthy neutral theme going…
4. Accents, accents, accents! Accents are the sprinkles, they spice of life. That is where your personality and style come into the room. We sell some popular living room sets, but the most fun, is seeing how many different looks our customers can have with the same set! Bring in your favorite color and repeat it through your room. Black sectional, add white/red/grey pillows, red/white/black area rug, white through, wall décor to match. See where we’re going with this, you want to repeat your color palette in little things like throw blankets, or big things like art. Flowers, candles, picture frames, all are simple ways to bring color and personality into your space. Seasonal touches are fun too – pumpkins in the fall, or faux flowers in the spring. Have fun with your space, switching up your look by season is a great way to switch things up!
We hope our decorating tips help inspire you! Whatever you choose, have fun, let your room and home reflect your personality and style. When you enter your space, it will feel like it was meant for you – because it was!!
Happy Decorating!

~ Your Friends at UFO