Should I Buy a Sectional or Sofa?

Trying to choose between a sectional and a sofa for your home?  It can be a hard decision, especially if it’s been a while since you last bought furniture.  There are a lot of options available – here at Urban Furniture Outlet, we try and offer a wide variety to best meet our customer’s needs.  Here are some things to consider when deciding between a sectional and sofa set.

No One Puts Baby in the Corner!

One thing to consider with a sectional is the usefulness of the wedge.  Will it be used in your home, or does no one want to use that corner spot?  Some folks love cuddling in that corner space, while others find it not so inviting.  Another point to consider – if you have corner wedge vs. a traditional sofa and loveseat – you won’t have space for an end table between the seating.    For some, this is not a concern, but for others, the lack of that end table space means nowhere to place a drink, remote, or lamp.

Of Course It’ll Fit…

Measure, Measure, Measure!  While our showroom is spacious and the furniture looks just like what you have, it’s always best practice to measure twice before you bring your furniture home.  Sectionals are great and allow for maximizing on the seating you can offer in your living space.  The one drawback is most sectionals that we sell are not reversible, so you need to make sure it will fit in your space as shown.  If you move or want to re-arrange your furniture, sectionals can be less flexible to work with than a traditional sofa and loveseat option.sectional or sofa

LAF, RAF, What the ???

Along the lines of measuring, there are some things to consider when buying a sectional.  RAF means ‘Right Arm Facing’ and LAF means ‘Left Arm Facing.’  What that  means in human terms vs. all of us in furniture land – if you are standing in front of your sectional facing it, the LAF piece would be on your left, and the RAF would be on the right – get it – left arm facing (you are facing set), etc… It’s confusing for most, but very important to pay attention to when ordering your sectional.  Some sectionals do allow you to special order a chaise on the left or right side so it’s important to know what to expect.

It’s All About the Chaise, ‘Bout the Chaise…

That’s right – # 1 reason customers love sectionals is the chaise option.  Who doesn’t love putting their feet up and watching TV or reading a book?  Chaise options allow for extra seating when you need it, and room to spread out and relax when you don’t.  Just be sure you measure your room and decide which side your chaise will work on best before you buy.  Most sectionals that feature a chaise are NOT reversible – a good idea is to draw out the room noting doorways and windows – then you can see how a chaise sectional will work in your space.

Final Words

So those are the big points to consider when buying a sectional.  Really it comes down to what you like, what is going to make the most sense for how you will use in your home, and your needs.  In terms of cost, you can expect sectionals and living room sets to be pretty equal.  Even seating you aren’t going to see a huge difference between how many seats on a sectional vs. sofa and loveseat.  It’s mostly personal preference and what is going to work best in your space.  We hope our pointers help and be sure to stop in our showrooms, our sales associates will be happy to help you along your shopping journey!

~ Your Friends at UFO