Top Secret: How to Save Money Buying Furniture!

If you shop at Urban Furniture Outlet (which we love to call UFO, because it’s a shorter abbreviation and it’s fun!) you know we LOVE saving our customers money!  Seriously, we work hard to find great deals on furniture and mattresses and we really enjoy seeing customers get excited when they find great deals!  That said – there are some ways you can SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY at UFO.  Here are our top insider tips – TOP SECRET TIPS on how to save money buying furniture at Urban Furniture Outlet.

Shop Closeouts:

We are always keeping our eye out for closeout items in furniture or mattresses.  Close out doesn’t mean something is wrong with the item.  Often manufacturers discontinue products because the fabric styles change, or they changed providers and can’t get the same fabric.  You are getting a brand new item, at a further discounted price, just because the company isn’t making it anymore.  It’s a great way to save HUNDREDS of dollars often times on items in perfectly new condition.Money Saving tips

Shop Discounted Floor Models:

At UFO, we are always changing up our showrooms and bringing in new and exciting items.  Occasionally we will discount floor models to get them off the floor and make room for new items.  Sometimes items have minor blemishes or damage that causes us to reduce the price.  Most damaged items are minor issues that with discounts applied, are quickly forgotten about.  If you can live with a slight imperfection, taking advantage of discounted floor models is a great way to save some money.

Skip Delivery or Set Up:

We offer affordable and convenient delivery options which for many customers is absolutely worth the money.  However, there are times where it doesn’t make as much sense.  If you are only getting a mattress or a smaller item, why not call in a favor and have a friend with a truck pick it up?  You will save yourself on the delivery and you can bring your furniture home on your time.  While this isn’t an option for everyone, it is a way to save some money.  Also, if you are handy, you can save some money on assembly.  Not all our items are difficult to assemble.  Do your homework and ask your sales associate about what is involved with assembly before opting out of this one – sometimes the money you pay is worth saving the hardship and time of putting items together yourself.

Buy the Package/Sets:

At UFO, we package a lot of our items that are frequently bought together – sofa and loveseat sets, 5pc bedroom sets, 5pc dinette sets.  In pricing, you will see sets are generally less than if you add up the items individually.  This is because we usually get a better prices when we buy sets, and so we pass that savings along to our customers.  If we have to buy items individually, we pay a higher price.  By buying the set or package, you are usually saving yourself some money and getting more for your dollar.

Get the Warranty:

The furniture and mattresses we sell all have different manufacturer warranties.  Most warranties only cover defects on the product and for a limited time.  We offer an extended warranty with Montage that covers against accidental damage to your furniture for up to 5 years!  It could be tears, rips, breaks, burns.  It’s a great peace of mind and really extends the life of your furniture.  You are paying for this warranty plan -but if it gets you a new sofa when yours got accidentally damaged beyond repair – it’s worth it, right?

Buy the Better Sofa, Mattress, Etc.

At Urban Furniture Outlet, we believe everyone deserves great furniture options and we offer a variety of styles and prices to meet lots of needs.  Like most things in retail – there are good/better/best products.  That said, not every product is right for every person.  Generally, the more expensive an item is, the better quality it is, while not always true – it is a good rule of thumb.  Sometimes buying the nicer and more expensive product saves you money in the long run, if it holds up better and better fits your needs.   If you can’t afford the better product right now, we have financing and layaway options that can make those items affordable.  The point is, buy the best item for your needs long term and you will be happier in the end and will end up saving yourself money.

Well, we hope these tips help you with saving some money shopping at UFO!

Happy Shopping!

~Your Friends at UFO!