Is Grey Still in for 2021?

In fashion and home decor – grey hues dominated the hottest looks!  So what is in store for 2021?  Forecasters say grey tones and hues are still feeling the love.  From paint colors to sneakers – grey is EVERYWHERE.  Why the shift?  Here are our top 5 reasons GREY home decor is so hot and why it is here to stay.

  1. Grey goes with EVERYTHING.  That’s right, grey is the BEST neutral, because it goes with browns, blacks, whites, beige, taupe – it compliments pretty much any color you could imagine.  It’s softer than black or white and allows for a neutral palette to blend with any decor.
  2. Grey is CALMING.  Say bye-bye to the drama of bold color palettes with black and white.  Grey with it’s subtle tones creates a calm and neutral color scheme where there is no drama, no contrast.  Just complimentary tones and a chill vibe.grey in for 2021
  3. Grey is SOPHISTICATED.  That’s right, our calm and cool hue is also great for adding sophistication to your home decor.  Earthy tones of browns were all the rage for years – grey still in those earthy tones (think rock/stone colors) but puts a new edge on it.
  4. Grey is GENDER NEUTRAL.  Yup, you heard us right.  Grey tones are neither feminine or masculine in appeal or design.  They lend well to any home decor style and are just so easy to work with and incorporate any style – holiday glam, mid-century modern, industrial, or contemporary.
  5. Grey is FLEXIBLE.  Grey matches everything and goes with any decor or color.  If you change your style or decor, it is adaptable and easy to incorporate.

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~ Your Friends at UFO