How to Fluff Your Sofa and Keep it Looking Fabulous at Home!

You got your perfect sofa home, now how do you keep it looking fabulous!?  We get these types of questions from customers all the time.  In our showrooms, we have lots of tips and tricks for fluffing your pillows and keeping your sofa or sectional looking fresh and fabulous!

Pillows will normally soften and flatten in certain areas as you begin to use your living room sofa or sectional over time.  You will usually see wear in areas where you or others usually sit.  There are a few ways you can reduce this wear and tear.

For cushions that are NOT attached, you can periodically rotate your back cushions, as well as seat cushions.  While this is not always possible on sets (sectionals you may not be able to switch placement of cushions) this helps even out the wear and use of cushions.fluff your sofa

Vacuum and clean your sofa every week to two weeks.  Cleaning your sofa periodically helps remove dirt, food, dust, pet dander, and you name it!  Left to it’s own, these things will absorb into your cushions and leave them looking worn.  Be sure to vacuum UNDER the cushions too – that often trap food and debris.

Last, but certainly not least, fluff your pillows!  This is good for relieving stress and tension – a nice side benefit – but also for evening out the filling in your pillows.

Loose pillows or scatter back pillows

For loose pillows or scatter back pillows, you want to grab your pillow with both hands.  Start by placing it on your seat cushion in front of you.  As if you were kneading dough, you want to push firmly from the base of your pillow to the top seam.  Keep doing this and try and work/move the filling from the top to the bottom.  Filling often sinks to the bottom as you use your sofa.  By applying pressure, you are working to re-allocate the filling to be evenly spread around the cushion.  Next, you want to get filling back to all corners evenly.  This is easiest to do with a zippered pillow – unzip and reach inside pillow, to move filling to where you need it.  No zipper, no problem!  Just keep pushing and kneading your pillow (as you would with a piece of dough) till you feel the filling moving to those corners.

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When you’re done fluffing your pillows, you want to grab by the top corners and pull gently outward.  Run your fingers gently but firmly along the top seam.  Relace your pillow and see how fabulous it looks – nice job!

Attached back pillows

Attached pillows can be a little toucher to fluff, but very much possible.  Some attached back will feature a zipper underneath.  If so, you can carefully reach inside and move filling as you need.  Vacuuming sometimes removes wrinkles and helps with evening out cushion.  You can also push firmly and knead as you did with loose pillows to help get filling back to areas evenly.

We hope these tips help you keeping your sofa looking fabulous.

~ Your Friends at UFO