Decor Tips: How to Make Your Leather Sofa or Sectional Feel Cozy

There are so many great styles in living rooms – leather living room furniture being one of them!  Often our leather sofas and sectionals come as they are – no pillows or throws.  So how do you take a sleek, leather living room and make it feel cozy?  Here’s our top tips.

  1. Accent Pillows: Leather is great because it’s sleek, easy to clean and maintain.  A great way to add coziness to a leather sofa or leather sectional is with accent pillows.  Choose an accent pillow that compliments colors you want to bring into your room.  Sometimes opposite colors really pop – like blue with an orange/brown sofa.  Don’t forget fabric textures to add dimension.  Fur, velour, designs with words like ‘Family’ or ‘Home.’  Accent pillows add comfort to any living room set.
  2. Throw Blanket: Throw blankets are great and so practical, they also help soften a sleek leather look.  Again, bring your colors for your room together with accent colors that compliment your decor.  A pop of red, turquoise, purple, or soften up a darker set with beige or white pillows.  Texture and material matters too – there are all kinds of looks – faux fur, cable sweater, and many more.  Add dimension and personality.
  3. Area Rugs: Another great option with adding texture and coziness to a room with leather is with your rug or floor covering.  Add some color, or stay neutral – a nice quality area rug can ground your look and add some softness to the overall feel.
  4. House Plants & Greenery: House plants and indoor gardens are HOT in home decor 2021!  If you are new to house plants, start easy with plants that are easy to care.  Again, layer plants (if you choose multiple) with different leaf patterns and colors can add dimension and style.  Plus, they help purify the air in your home so add some life and make your room feel more vibrant.
  5. Lighting: Last but certainly not least – lighting!  Many ceiling light fixtures can give off florescent or stark white light, that can appear harsh on fabrics such as leather.  Soften up your look with some table lamps and accent lighting.  Accent lights not only add to decor, but also can give a warmer glow to your overall look.

Shop Urban Furniture for great looks in living rooms.  Leather living rooms, leather sofas, and leather sectionals are very popular because they are easy to care for and compliment any room decor!  We hope our home decor tips helped and for more assistance, visit our friendly sales teams at New Castle and Dover locations!

~ Your Friends at UFO