5 Tips for the First Time Furniture Buyer

Shopping for furniture for the first time can be exciting and a little confusing!  We are here to help.  Here are some of our top tips and advice for making the most of your hard earned dollars and find furniture you’re gonna love.

  1. Style – Probably the best place to start is knowing your style.  For a first time shopper, this can be challenging.  Search our website and sites like Instagram, Pinterest for inspiration.  What colors are you wanting to bring into your home?  Are their pieces in your home you want to compliment or work with?  Are there fabrics you love or hate?  Eliminating what styles you DON’T want can really help make clear what you DO.
  2. Budget – It’s a good idea to start with your budget in mind of what rooms you want to work on and prioritize where your dollars go.  That said, we have great options for financing and layaway programs that allow customers to pay off their furniture over time.  Be careful with budget shopping.  You get what you pay for, and if you are looking for something to hold up over time or with heavy use, you will need to invest in better furniture.  We offer a lot of styles and options for our customers, be sure to compare good, better, best styles to find what works best for your budget and goals.first time furniture buyer tips
  3. Measure Measure Measure – The WORST is when you find something you LOVE and learn the hard way, it won’t fit in your home.  Everything looks smaller in our open showrooms and it can be confusing.  We list dimensions on our website and in showrooms.  Measure your doorways, narrow hallways, sharp turns, etc.  Also, sketch out your furniture to figure out how it will be arranged in your room.  Make sure to not block doorways and account for things like TV placement, etc.
  4. Lifestyle – How will you be using your furniture?  Who is using your furniture?  A regular dinner of 6 is different than the occasional I eat at home alone twice a week.  Do you have kids?  Why are you replacing furniture you have?  You want to choose furniture that will be enjoyable for YOU and will be up for the job.
  5. Care & Warranties – Most living rooms fabrics are fairly stain resistant by nature – but life happens.  If you are worried about life happening and ruining your furniture – you aren’t alone!  Most furniture comes with a limited warranty that covers factory defects.  If you want long term peace of mind – opt for our 5 year extended furniture warranty.  This plan covers burns, rips, tears, and damages that can happen.  Be sure to regularly vacuum your sofa, wipe your bedrooms, tables with a clean slightly damp cloth takes care of most things.  Heavy cleaners can leave a coating on your furniture most of the time, simple cleaning and dusting is all you need to keep furniture looking sharp.

We hope these quick tips help.  Our friendly sales associates are knowledgeable and here to help make your first time shopping with us easy!

~ Your Friends at UFO