The kids have been back in school for a few weeks now and if you’re anything like me you are now juggling work, dinner, homework, sports practice, play date, etc. etc…  We’re all more busy and strapped for time – that is why I thought when I saw a post about a family command center (a place to keep calendars, artwork, sort mail) I had to share it.   You can find some great ideas posted on our Pinterest page.  Here are some tips for setting up your own family command center quickly and easily!Creating a Family Command Center

  1. Location.  The best location for a family command center is the high traffic area where the family usually enters the house.
  2. Storage.  A storage bench is great near a doorway to allow folks to put their shoes, a coat rack to hang jackets and book bags.  Baskets are great for holding shin guards, umbrellas, dog leash – whatever things you can save time searching for by storing by the door.  Another option is to put a small desk somewhere close to entryway where you can keep folders for important documents, sort mail, or have kids do homework.
  3. Calendar.  The wall calendar is the central piece of the family command center.  I opted for a dry erase style but you could just as easily use a desk calendar and mount to wall.  To keep track of each family member’s activities – pick a different color marker for each member.
  4. Pin board or magnet board.  This is a great spot to showcase your child’s art, special events/invitations, or photos.  You’re kids will enjoy having everyone see their hard work up when they come in the house.
  5. Wall Clock. A large wall clock will help everyone get out of the house on time.
  6. Command Center Binder.  Another great idea I’ve come across is to use an old binder and dividers to organize papers you commonly search for – take out menus, gym class schedules, kids’ class rosters, sporting schedules, etc.  This is also a great resource when you have babysitters stay they can easily access these papers.

Perhaps you’re more technically savvy.  There are websites such as that allow you to set up a virtual family command center sharing anything from calendars to shopping lists in real time – meaning you can add the milk you forgot to tell your husband to pick up and he’ll see it added to his list.  Amazing!

Getting organized takes work – but in the end you’ll be so glad you did it!

Good luck!

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