Back to School Tips Fall 2019

Hard to believe we are winding down Summer 2019 into School Year 2019-20!  Hopefully kids, teens, young adults, and parents have enjoyed these warm summer months!  For many of us, it’s back to routines, sports practice, and car pools.  We at UFO share your joy and pain, that bittersweet another summer come and gone. Here are some tips to make it a great school year!

1. Get Organized.

Whether it’s YOU or the KIDS, getting oganized is survival tactic 101 for parents and kids alike!  First, toss all the old clothes that don’t fit – donate those to those who need it and can use it!  Repair or toss/donate old school supplies and back packs that have seen better days.  Find STORAGE whereever you go – bookshelves, desks, storage beds, dressers, chests, we’ve got lots of great storage options in Delaware.  Use a planner, file system, task manager via Google Calendar or Task Managers, whatever you need to get yourselves organized and ready for the busy season!

2. Time Management

Time management is even more important now than ever!  We are constantly distacted by on-demand video recording, skip the commercials, video games that never end, and constant multitasking!  We’ve been trained to not pay attention and not manage our time (or attention) well.  The key to success is recognizing wether there are 200 or 24 hours in a day, we are still limited on time.  We need to prioritize where our time should be spend and with whom.  Wether you are a young student or old, time is the limited resource, we need to value and protect.

3. Routine/Good Habits:

We are creatures of habit, we are what we do repeatedly.  Start off the year on a good note, establish healthy and good routines.  Get to bed earlier, lay off the xbox, do homework as soon as you get home.  For parents, set a designated ‘end time’ for work/social media, and focus ‘family time’ for the remainder.  We all have days we let slip away on things that don’t matter – let the things that are most important to you use most of your time and attention.  For some, worst first works best – get all your chores/to do’s out of the way before you get time to relax. What better way to relax than knowing you got through your task list.

Good Night’s Rest:

There isn’t a whole lot better, than a great night’s sleep.  Sleep is vital to all of us whether you are 7 or 70 years old!  We need to get time to relax, and recharge after a long day’s work or play.  Wether your child or yourself, never underestimate the impact of a great sleep.  At Urban Furniture Outlet, we’ve got lots of great bed and mattress options that are affordable and in stock!

Whatever your strategy for getting through the school year is, we applaud you!  Have a great 2019-2020 school year!

~Your Friends at UFO