Create a Wellness Retreat at Home

At UFO, we’re all about making your home a retreat, somewhere you look forward to going at the end of the day.  With so much push to getaway, we hope to help you create a home you don’t want to escape.  Build your own little retreat at home.  Enjoy our tips to help you plan a wellness retreat at home.  Retreats can be expensive, airfare, room, meals, instruction, our simple guide can help you create a weekend retreat with all the perks, and not the cost.

Why create a wellness retreat?

Life is busy, that is for sure!  Prioritizing your health and wellness is key – if you don’t, who will?  We all need from time to time, to step away and recharge.  A wellness retreat weekend is a great way to do that.  How to start?  Get our your planner, and let your friends know – you’ll be busy from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  Can’t do that?  Maybe start with just a 1 day commitment, something is better than nothing.  Just remember – you deserve it!

Planning your wellness retreat activities

Now that you have carved out some time for yourself, make sure to set the agenda.  Plan what types of activities, events you want to experience.  Plan things including your meals.  Healthy meals like smoothies, fruits and veggies, maybe you try a special treat you don’t normally enjoy.  Just like with an actual wellness retreat, creating a schedule of events and meals will help keep you focused on the ‘why’ for your retreat, and help you get the most out of it.  Feed and think about all the senses and areas of wellness – music, art, fitness, food, laughter, dreams, self-exploration, beauty and wellness, etc.  What will recharge you?  Make sure it’s on the list!


The purpose for most for a wellness retreat is the mental and physical recharge.  Part of that requires disconnecting from all you can.  Plan out a time you can disconnect from social media, news, work, and really just plan on being with yourself, and refocusing.  Again, if a weekend is too much, start with a few hours – you’d be amazed what you discover when you allow that space to just be.

Schedule some downtime

On your agenda or schedule, you should include activities that both energize you – like exercise or fitness as well as activities that recharge you – like meditation, getting a massage or treatment (facial, manicure, etc), journaling, walking in nature, etc.  Balance your activities so that you have time you’ll be active with your wellness journey, and times where you can relax and be still.  This is your time to restore yourself – it’s not a race, it’s the experience that matters.

We hope you enjoy our tips on creating a wellness retreat at home!  At UFO, we enjoy helping customers create a home they can retreat to, and a place they feel welcome and can relax and enjoy everyday.  Your health and your wellbeing is so important, whatever you choose, be sure to commit the time and energy to take care of you.  You’ll be glad you did!

~Your Friends at UFO