Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Furniture

Shopping for furniture really happens any time of year, when you need it, you need it.  But sometimes are just the best time to purchase.  Right now we’ve got great stock options and a variety of styles you’re gonna love.  Here’s our top reasons why summer time is the best time to purchase furniture.

  1. Warmer weather makes redecorating a breeze.  You heard us right.  Nothing like trying to paint or move during the winter months.  Summer time’s warm weather lends well to open windows and flexibility with home improvement projects.  If you’re painting, cleaning, or just redecorating, taking advantage of warmer temps allows you to work inside or outside comfortably and easily.
  2. Lots of IN STOCK items.  Right now, we’ve got great stock on inventory, 100’s of in stock items available for immediate delivery.  Pick out your favorite items and enjoy it at home quickly!
  3. Ready for the holidays.  Many of us entertain more in fall and winter months when we’re indoors more often.  Football season, and the holiday season.  Don’t put off refreshing your living room or kitchen space before the big day!  Summer is a great time to renew and refresh your home decor and when the holidays come around – just enjoy it and the compliments on your new look!
  4. Prioritize entertaining and being at home.  You read that right!  Buying new furniture now helps you build a home you feel good about and enjoy coming home too.  Investing in your home is money well spent, since you are going to enjoy the benefits for many years to come.  Build a space that makes you smile when you come home at the end of the day.
  5. End of season markdowns and clearance items mean savings for YOU.  End of the season markdowns and clearance items mean great savings for you!  Take advantage of us cutting prices to move items off showroom floors to make room for new styles.  You can get great deals in living rooms, decor, bedrooms, and more!

Happy Shopping!

~Your Friends at UFO