1.  Measure twice, buy once. It’s always hard to gauge the size of furniture in a showroom.  There’s nothing worse than buying the sofa you love only to have it delivered and find it won’t fit through the door.  Follow the old carpenter’s rule of measuring twice, cutting once – do your homework beforehand and save yourself any snags with this one.Top 5 Furniture Buying Mistakes

2.  Falling for sales gimmicks.   Fire sales and clearance events are rampant in our industry and we hear of folks falling for it all the time.  Prices are inflated and then slashed to make customers feel they got a good deal. Really they are paying more than they should still.  At Urban Furniture Outlet we do discount furniture – we put our best prices out there EVERY DAY.  No Gimmicks, No Games.

3.  He said, she said.  Buying furniture for your home is a tough decision, but one that must be made together.   Make sure you have spoken to your partner or roommate about the purchase. Is everyone’s needs are met?  Our sales associates are available and glad to help you find something you BOTH will LOVE.

There’s More…

4.  Not taking advantage of financing and layaway options.  We know a lot of folks are weary of financing and risking any unnecessary credit debt.  However, for some, 90 days same as cash if you are disciplined with your payments, could give you the time you need to pay off the set you really love before that interest kicks in.  For others, you may know you are moving in 3 months but want to pay off your furniture slowly.  We have a FREE 6 month price hold layaway program that makes it easy to pay off your furniture just in time for your move in day and again – no interest charges.  Visit us for to learn more about our Delaware Furniture Layaway and Delaware Furniture Financing Options.

5.  Only focusing on price.  We know a lot of decisions are price driven and we take pride in offering our customers furniture to meet any price point.  However, furniture is an investment.  Know what you are buying and consider when it’s something you want to last for 10 years or do you plan to replace it in a few years.  Worried about spending too much on something that your kids or roommate might stain or ruin?  You don’t have to buy cheap furniture, do budget furniture but consider other options like our 5 year furniture warranty plan – protect your investment and get what you LOVE.

Please visit our Delaware Furniture Store – we’re glad to help you have the best furniture shopping experience and go home with furniture you’ll enjoy!