Entertaining Like a Pro!

With 4th of July holiday weekend quickly approaching, we focused this week on tips for Entertaining Like a Pro!  Who doesn’t love a reason to get together and celebrate with family and friends?  Holidays, birthdays, special events are when we make special memories.  Here’s our tips for making your day as host/hostess fun, easy, and special.

  1. Flowers/Candles/Decor – Holidays are a great time to add a little something special to your usual decor.  You don’t have to do much, sometimes just cleaning up the space, bringing out some seasonal candle, decor, or a fresh bouquet of flowers can set the stage for celebrating!  Who doesn’t LOVE flowers, they can be a gift to yourself for entertaining!
  2. Food – Not much worse than getting invited somewhere for a party and there’s no food.  Food makes people happy, and when entertaining, you don’t need to go crazy – heck, you can even ask folks to bring a dish and if they offer – say YES!  Store bought, Grub Hub, homemade, doesn’t matter.  Have a little for everyone and stick with things you know most guests will like.  Don’t stress over new recipes, make what you enjoy and make well, and if you want to try something new, maybe a dip or fun dessert idea.entertain like a pro
  3. Music – There are SO MANY great playlists out there on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other music services that can put you in the holiday mood.  Whether your vibe is relaxing or getting folks up to dance, there is a song and a playlist for it.  Don’t feel like playlists – most local radio stations have Top 100 Countdowns going on with crowd favorites. Good tunes is a MUST.  Want to take it up a knotch? Check out our Bluetooth Speakers at New Castle and Dover stores and WOW your friends.  Some even have Karaoke built in.  These are serious crowd pleasers!
  4. Seating – When planning to entertain, think about how many people you expect and where everyone will sit!  You don’t need a fancy layout, but you DO want to have seats for MOST of your guests.  You may need to borrow some chairs or come to Urban Furniture for some new furniture!  Or have your friends bring their folding chairs.  The most important thing is being together, but it helps to have a spot to sit down and relax.
  5. Make it Easy for YOU – Entertaining is FUN, but it can be a lot of WORK.  Enjoy your special day too and make choices to make things easier for you.  Opt for paper disposable plates or cooking dishes, have trash cans available for your guests so they don’t need to truck through your house.  Let folks bring food if they ask, or give you an extra hand if they offer.  Enjoy this special time together and don’t feel bad about skipping the homemade eats, perfect centerpiece, or perfect whatever – laugh, eat, sit, and enjoy your guests – life moves fast!

That’s it – that’s our top TIPS for Entertaining Like a Pro!

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday weekend.

~ Your Friends at UFO