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American First Finance FAQs

You must be 18 years or older, have a steady and re-occurring source of income of at least $800 per month and maintain an open, active and stable checking account. “No Credit Needed” does not mean or imply that no inquiry will be made of credit history or creditworthiness. We may check credit history and creditworthiness, but no established FICO score or credit history is necessary.

Yes, an ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number issued by the federal government for non-citizens working and paying taxes in the US.

No we accept different forms of income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension and Self Employment.

They can still get approved. We do check credit. However, we do not require credit history in order to be approved.

An ACH Authorization is your verbal or written instructions that allows us to electronically withdraw a specified amount or money from a bank account on an agreed upon day.

If you have a retail installment sale agreement, you can save money on interest when you pay off your full balance within the Early Payoff Discount period. In other words, paying off your full balance sooner can save you money. The “Prepayment” section of your agreement has the details regarding the amount you can save and how to obtain the discount. AFF’s representatives are also here for you to answer any questions.

Not necessarily. Although using automatic payments to pay off your account is a good method to stay on track, the automatic payments only fulfill your minimum amount due during the respective payment period, as the payments are calculated using the entire term of your agreement (which can be up to 2 years). If the automatic payments were calculated using only the early discount period instead, your payments would need to be higher than your contractual payment amount.

In other words, taking advantage of the Early Payoff Discount means paying higher amounts than are required by the agreement in less time. This is why we reward our customers who pay during the Early Payoff Discount period with a discount. Paying your minimum payments on time (without additional payments) will pay off your agreement per your full agreement term, but not any sooner. Refer to your agreement for details and to see if your product has an Early Payoff Discount option.

AFF’s lease-to-own customers have two types of early payment options: 1) early buyout options; and 2) early purchase options. Each option is explained below.

If you have a lease-to-own agreement, you can save money on leasing fees when you pay off your full balance within the early buyout period. By paying the cash price plus any applicable early buyout fee within the early buyout period, AFF will consider your account paid off in full. Your early buyout expiration date is disclosed on your agreement but you may also contact AFF and one of our representatives can provide that information to you. Any customer will pay less to exercise an early buyout option than he or she would to exercise an early purchase option. However, you must exercise an early buyout option within the early buyout period, while you may exercise an early purchase option at any time.

If you have a lease-to-own agreement but were not able to pay off your account within the early buyout period, you can still save money on leasing fees when you pay off your full balance before the end of your agreement term. After the early buyout period has expired, you can exercise your early purchase option by paying a percentage of the lease remaining on the agreement. This amount will be calculated by AFF so all you have to do is contact AFF and one of our representatives can provide you with the balance owed.

A typical credit check, also known as a credit history check, is when AFF or another company views your history of credit, other accounts, and credit score with a credit reporting agency, also known as a credit bureau. AFF checks credit to consider your financial history, including whether you’ve made payments on time.

Yes. When you apply for a product with AFF, AFF will check your credit using a hard credit inquiry (also known as a “hard credit pull”), which may affect your credit score. A hard inquiry occurs when a company with whom you’ve applied for credit reviews your credit report, history of applying for credit, payment history, and your credit score as part of their decision-making process. This type of inquiry appears on your credit report and can influence your credit score.

AFF may approve applicants with mediocre, poor, or even no credit, but we do check your credit as part of the application process. We invite you to apply with us no matter what your credit history is!

No Credit Needed is different than “no credit check.” No Credit Needed means that we can approve you for financing or leasing without using your credit score as the sole consideration for qualification. We may check your credit, including your credit score, but the application process does not solely depend on your credit score for approval. AFF is a No Credit Needed company, not a “no credit check” company.

Take action as soon as you suspect an issue.

  • Contact American First Finance at 855-721-1188 to alert us of your concern.
  • A member of our team will assist you in gathering the necessary information to open a claim.
  • You may receive an Identity Theft Report Form within two weeks of notifying American First Finance that you have been victimized. You may view and download this form directly by scrolling to the bottom of the Customer Service section of
  • To protect your rights, it is important that you return the Identity Theft Report Form to American First Finance via email, mail, or fax. Instructions are included with the form.
  • Upon receipt of the completed form, we will thoroughly review the documents and request additional information if necessary.
  • You can expect to receive a letter indicating the outcome of the investigation once a decision has been reached.
  • Resolution of claims may take up to 60 days but we endeavor to resolve claims as soon as possible.

If you have reported fraudulent charges on your account, we will investigate your claim. It is important to remember:

  • You are still responsible for payments that are not related to fraudulent activity.
  • Depending on the type of claim you submit, an Identity Theft Report Form may be required. If so, you will receive an Identity Theft Report Form within 2 weeks of notifying American First Finance of fraud charges on your account.
  • It is important that you return the completed Identity Theft Report Form to American First Finance via mail or fax. Failure to return the form may affect your claim.
  • Upon receipt of the form, we will review the documents.
  • You will receive a letter from us indicating the outcome once a decision is reached.
  • Due to the time it takes to gather all the documents relevant to your claim, it may take up to 60 days to complete the fraud investigation. However, we endeavor to resolve claims as soon as possible and a resolution may be reached earlier.

When completing the form, please be mindful of the following:

  • Please complete all required fields.
  • Don’t forget to sign the form.
  • It is necessary to get the form notarized.

If you become a victim of fraud or identity theft, you’ll want to respond and begin to recover as quickly as you can. The process should include working with your card issuer, local law enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission, state and local agencies, and the credit bureaus

Notify the three major credit bureaus using the contact information below. Please remember that initial fraud alerts expire after six months, so it may be helpful to learn how to extend the alert if necessary. You may also consider filing a statement with the bureaus asking for notification to you before any new accounts are opened or any existing accounts are changed in your name. This could uncover illegitimate attempts to open additional accounts in your name.

Credit Report: 1-800-685-1111
Report Fraud: 1-800-525-6285

Credit Report: 1-888-397-3742
Report Fraud: 1-888-397-3742

Credit Report: 1-800-888-4213
Report Fraud: 1-800-680-7289

Request and regularly review copies of your credit report from each credit bureau. If information contained in your report is not accurate, you may dispute it and request that it be changed. Regular reviews will help you confirm that the requested changes have been made and if your report has been changed without your knowledge.

A free copy of your credit report is available annually, at

Yes. You have various options, including contacting the Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization, at 1-858-693-7935 or

The FinWise Bank installment loan is an installment loan originated by FinWise Bank and serviced by American First Finance (AFF). Because AFF services FinWise Bank installment loans, please contact AFF regarding any questions about your FinWise Bank installment loan. Click here to contact AFF.

Customer account history is reported to credit bureaus on a monthly basis and may take up to approximately 30 days to reflect on your credit report.

If you believe that any information contained in your credit report is not accurate, you may dispute it and request that the information is reviewed for accuracy. Contact the appropriate credit bureau immediately to report the incorrect information. You may also notify AFF by Clicking here