5 Ways to Win Entertaining this Holiday

Ready or not, the holiday season is HERE.  At Urban Furniture Outlet, we’re all about festivities, and even with some COVID restrictions, we’re feeling merry & bright.  Here’s our TOP 5 ways to WOW your guests and entertain like a pro this holiday season.  Here’s a hint, you wanna hit all 5 senses – sight, hearing, smells, feels, and taste!

  1. Sights – So many beautiful things to see during the holidays.  When getting your home ready, bring out some seasonal decorations.  You don’t need much, a wreath or flowers are simple, or switch out your picture frames with some of your favorite memories from holidays past.  Twinkle some lights, and don’t forget to fluff those pillows and polish your furniture.  A clean and presentable home is welcoming to all.
  2. Sounds – Set the mood this holiday with some holiday inspired tunes.  Don’t like holiday music, any soft background music is good for chilling, or some fun dance beats to get the crowd off their seats.  We’ve got some great speaker options at UFO to help you entertain your guests in style!
  3. Smells – You don’t need to be master cook or have a fresh Christmas tree to hit the smells well.  Can’t cook, order some food or do a pot luck.  Nothing says the holidays like a home filled with tasty treat smells.  Grab a candle with evergreen scent or sugar cookies – these bring us back to favorite holiday memories and vibes as well and set a warm glow about your home.
  4. Feels – Think cozy, warm, the temperatures dropping, maybe we even get SNOW!  Chunky throw blankets, accent pillows, holiday inspired decor, give folks a look and feel that they can cozy up for a good movie and stay a while. Upgrading your living room set or sectional, a new recliner to relax in style. We’ve got great faux fur pillows and throws to help add that extra texture and comfort to your room.
  5. Taste – Last but certainly not least, eats!! Again, if you can’t cook, order food or ask folks to bring a dish.  Just make sure you have some tasty treats for your guests to nibble on.  Nostalgic recipes or foods you only have this time of year, gingerbread houses, your favorite treats, things that put you and your guests in the holiday mood.

The best way to entertain is to hit all your senses – sight, sound, smells, feels, and taste.  You hit all those and you’ll be entertaining like a champ this holiday season.  Whatever you do, we wish you peace, health, and good vibes this holiday season.  Enjoy your holidays and don’t forget we’ve got lots of last minute gift ideas for those special folks in your life!!  See you soon! :)

~ Your Friends at UFO