You’ve got your living room furniture – now it’s time to choose the perfect coffee table to accent your space.  Here are some quick tips to help you find the right one for your living space!

  1. Consider Style

When choosing a coffee table for your living space – consider the style of the rest of your space.  If you have a traditional nail head sofa, may not want something too contemporary.  With that said – you can mix styles if you do so with balance.  Urban distressed coffee table with an aged leather sofa can work – just consider all the furniture pieces in your room to make sure they blend well.

  1. Choose Material – Glass/Metal/Wood

The material of your coffee table is as important as the style.  Glass is easy to care for and wipe down, but if you have small children you may want to avoid angled edges or glass altogether.  Wood tables you will find lots of variations in finishes, be sure to coordinate with legs of sofas, entertainment stands, and other wood pieces.  Marble tops are good way to break up a space and pick up on colors in room décor.  Metal are sturdy and go with most décor styles.

  1. Storage Options

Be sure to consider storage when choosing your table.  Many styles will feature drawers, shelf systems, and hidden storage options.

  1. Measure Your SpaceCoffee Table

Measure your space to maximize the usefulness and function of your coffee table.  You don’t want to overcrowd your space nor put a piece too small for the scale of the surrounding furniture.

  1. Ottoman Alternative

Many folks are opting out of the coffee table all together and choosing an ottoman as an alternative.  Ottomans come in variety of fabrics, shapes, and styles, some even on casters that allow easy movement of the piece to accommodate flexibility with arrangement of furniture.  A decorative tray can be useful to allow a spot for remotes, drinks, and snacks.  When it’s not in use as a ‘table’ an ottoman can be used for extra seating or a place to rest your tired feet.

  1. On The Move – Casters Coffee Tables

Larger coffee tables often have casters that allow for easy movement.  A coffee table on casters allows you to re-arrange your tables depending on needs of the space. Playing a board game on the rug, you can easily move your table to the side to allow for playroom.

  1. Shape Up – Which Shape is Best?

The best shape of the coffee table can puzzle a number of customers.  Most you see in showrooms are rectangular but other shapes may be preferable for certain set ups.   Sectionals work well with square or round tables because they allow for easy passage and movement.  Rectangular allow for  more surface area along sofa which many prefer.

  1. Lift Tops

Lift top tables allow for easy access to snacks and can function as a work station.

  1. Budget

Coffee table sets generally start around $99 and go up from there.  When choosing your perfect coffee table, factor in your budget and time line.  The perfect table can really make a room, if you have your heart set on a certain style – don’t rush.  Wait until your budget allows you to get the one you love.  If you just need a coffee table, go with what suits your budget best.  There are a number of choices along the price spectrum.

  1. Make a Statement

Don’t be afraid to be BOLD.  There are more and more accent and coffee tables featuring vibrant colors, artistic designs, mirror finishes, you name it.  Make a statement by choosing a piece that doesn’t just serve for function but as an artistic statement!

Whatever your preference – be we have a wide selection of coffee tables and more at Urban Furniture Outlet sure to satisfy any taste and budget!

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Happy shopping!!